(Modified by Santa Fe Stoneworks with Gold Lip Pearl)


This knife was a custom order I made from Jay Saldana at www.jaysknives.com. Since jaysknives did not have a 1660GLD in stock, I requested that he purchase the knife from www.knifecenter.com. He then had it modified with gold lip pearl by Santa Fe Stoneworks in Santa Fe Ninnesota.

24ct Gold plated 1660 Leek is 7" OAL 4" closed.
Stainless steel frame lever lock
3" Blade
A reversable strong pocket clip
Torsion bar assisted opener by Kershaw

Modified by Santa Fe Stoneworks
- Installed Gold Lip Pearl


Manufactured Date Stamp :     Aug 03

Purchased From : www.JaysKnives.com


Date of Purchase: Jan 20 2005